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Egypt's Music Classic Special Album


Women Singers

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Song Name



Aghadan Alqak
Aghadan Alqak (1/3)
Aghadan Alqak (2/3)
Aghadan Alqak (3/3)
Ala6lal (1/3) 2044k Ala6lal (1/3)
Ala6lal (2/3) 1260k Ala6lal (2/3)
Ala6lal (3/3) 2667k Ala6lal (3/3)
Araka 3asy Aldam3 (1/2) 2364k Araka 3asy Aldam3 (1/2)
Araka 3asy Aldam3 (2/2) 2086k Araka 3asy Aldam3 (2/2)
Fakkaroni (1/4) 1213k Fakkaroni (1/4)
Fakkaroni (2/4) 1866k Fakkaroni (2/4)
Fakkaroni (3/4) 2089k Fakkaroni (3/4)
Fakkaroni (4/4) 1998k Fakkaroni (4/4)
Inta 3omry (1/4) 1978k Inta 3omry (1/4)
Inta 3omry (2/4) 1610k Inta 3omry (2/4)
Inta 3omry (3/4) 1454k Inta 3omry (3/4)
Inta 3omry (4/4) 2215k Inta 3omry (4/4)



zughbi.jpg (6769 bytes)


Song Name Size Download
7abait yalail 707k 7abait yalail
Galbi dag 765k Galbi dag
Ghayyarli 7ayati 653k Ghayyarli 7ayati
Mandam 3alaik 582k Mandam 3alaik
Nos el alb 664k Nos el alb


majda.jpg (6868 bytes)


Song Name



Aljareeda 2185k Aljareeda
Ana 3am Ba7lam 89k Ana 3am Ba7lam
Besma3ak Bellail 673k Besma3ak Bellail
1850k Kalimat
Kon Sadeeqi. 1157k Kon Sadeeqi.
La taghthabi 583k La taghthabi
Le'annak 3enayyee 68 k Le'annak 3enayyee
Mush Ana Elli Abki 1007k Mush Ana Elli Abki
Ya sakin afkari 702k Ya sakin afkari


asala.jpg (6730 bytes)


Song Name Size Download
Al Moshtaka. 1280k Al Moshtaka.
Albee 530k Albee
Katabtak. 490k Katabtak.
Kather alaah khairak 600k Kather alaah khairak
Law ta3rafoo 2016k Law ta3rafoo
Maba7ibbish 7ad. 802k Maba7ibbish 7ad.
Ya sabra yaana. 1320k Ya sabra yaana.

diana.jpg (5678 bytes)

Song Name Size Download
Ammaneeh 799k Ammaneeh
Alfosool alarba3a 912k Alfosool alarba3a
Emshee wara kidbohom. 678k Emshee wara kidbohom.
Sa'altik 702k Sa'altik
Sha6er 653k Sha6er
Wainhom 745k Wainhom
Ya maya 553k Ya maya

fayrooz.jpg (4868 bytes)

Song Name Size Download
3odak Rannan 618 k 3odak Rannan
7abeebee Baddo Elamar 467 k 7abeebee Baddo Elamar
A3tini Alnaay
805 k A3tini Alnaay
Aakher 324 k Aakher
Alooli Ken 337 k Alooli Ken
Alwada3 449 k Alwada3
AlZa3rorah 335 k AlZa3rorah
Bada Yatathana. 345 k Bada Yatathana.
Bekarm elloloo 540 k Bekarm elloloo
Elsayara Mosh 3am Timshi 420 k Elsayara Mosh 3am Timshi
Faye'e Willa Nasi 418 k Faye'e Willa Nasi
Fayeq ya hawa 1144 k Fayeq ya hawa
Habbaitak 396 k Habbaitak
Haila Ya Wase3 340 k Haila Ya Wase3
La Tas'alooni 696 k La Tas'alooni
Mish Ossa 839 k Mish Ossa
Mokhtar 287 k Mokhtar
Nassam 476 k Nassam
Othkrony 356 k Othkrony
S'haar Ba3d S'haar 588 k S'haar Ba3d S'haar
Sa'alooni Elnas. 422 k Sa'alooni Elnas.
Tiktik Ya Omm Sulaiman 258 k Tiktik Ya Omm Sulaiman
Ya 3aqeda Al7ajibayni
580 k Ya 3aqeda Al7ajibayni

latifa.jpg (5348 bytes)


Song Name Size Download
7obbak Hadi 708 k 7obbak Hadi
Ana Matneseesh 617 k Ana Matneseesh
Lamma Yegeebo Seertak
610 k Lamma Yegeebo Seertak


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