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Movie Tunes

Primarily showcasing well-known Hollywood fare, this site features audio clips, reviews, and artwork from hundreds of movie soundtracks. Good navigation provides different ways of browsing through the constantly updated directory; users can find Oscar winners, specific composers or family tunes. There’s also a news section and answers to that ever nagging question: movie trailers - what was that music?
Last Checked 29-Aug-2000

Mr Showbiz

Another bigger-than-thou site about the business of showbiz. It's a broad church here with TV, movies and music all under one roof. The emphasis is on fun: there are plenty of biogs, pictures, games, quizzes and polls to keep the star-struck netizen amused. It's slick and easy to navigate, but don't expect an American site to look beyond its own navel.
Last Checked 07-Aug-2000

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

Enter the digital age with this visually exciting guide to photography, film and television. Tasters of practical exhibits like the Magic Factory, where users can discover the science behind image making, exist alongside cultural histories of photography and animation. An Education Guide suggests lectures and workshops for different Key Stages. Details are given of all the galleries, cinemas and exhibitions on offer.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000

Oh, The Humanity!

Reviews of the worst films ever made: Avenging Disco Godfather, Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death, Leprechaun 4: In Space, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama... the list goes on. Excellent site to visit before going to the video store on a Saturday night, and they've even remembered to include Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. Lovely.
Last Checked 24-Jul-2000


At first glance, this movie site from Carlton seems to offer no more than any other film site on the Web. However, it does contain a good searchable database of cinemas and releases in the UK, making it easy to find out what's on where. There are also basic news, releases, reviews and features sections and an amusing game, Allegedly, which claims to show who's romantically linked with whom in the showbiz world. Video reviews carry links to the IMVS online store, and there are audio and video clips too (not suitable for all systems).
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000

Ravin' Maven of Classic Film

More a collection of online tributes than a site in itself, this lavish homage to the golden age of Hollywood is as stylish as it is comprehensive. Cagney, Bogart and Bacall are singled out for special treatment, along with lesser-lauded stars like Ronald Colman, Charles Boyer, John Garfield and William Powell. A wealth of images complement well-researched and well-written text.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000


Reelscreen is a must for anyone interested in movie making. Established as a free space for promoting the talents of new filmmakers and musicians, this young site has burgeoned into a thriving creative community. Shorts and trailers vie with location reports, news, reviews, festival details and top-notch interviews. There's also a free-access casting service, talent directory and practical forums. Requires Quicktime.
Last Checked 19-Jun-2000


For an overview of what's hot and what's not in arts and entertainment check out SceneOne. The reviews of the latest films, videos and books are witty, if sometimes too dependent on other sources. There's info on stand-up comedy, theatre and gigs across the UK, plus comprehensive TV and radio listings; even if there is little flexibility in how channels can be viewed.
Last Checked 24-Jul-2000

Silents are Golden

Remembering the time before talkies, this site fondly recalls the 'greatest era in cinema history'. Each month it highlights one film with commentary, stills and individual scenes. There are also reviews, and photos of 200 hundred silent stars, including one Harrison Ford, star of the 1927 classic Rubber Tires. Silent movie fans can also read more than two dozen articles and essays.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

Skinema: Dermatology Cinema

"Which is thicker, skin or celluloid?" Dermatologist Val Reese MD explores the question at this odd yet fascinating website. With photos and witty commentary, the doctor covers three main categories: actors with skin conditions, realistic depictions of skin, and how skin conditions portray evil. Supplemented by regularly updated features and an exhaustive list of skinematic examples, this is a must see for curious film-buffs.
Last Checked 25-Aug-2000


This is the perfect site for Spacey obsessives with a few months to spare. To say this site offers an exhaustive look at Kev's career would be an understatement, with hundreds of photos, audio and video clips (Microsoft Netshow and Quick Time needed for some), and archive reviews. You also get the chance to eulogise about Kev and his many talents on the message board and in the chat room.
Last Checked 18-Jul-2000

Star News

A London-based e-zine on all that's show-bizzy. Nowhere near the content of its American counterparts, but it's early days for this site and each issue covers the current film and music releases in England. Sadly, there's nothing to involve the user yet, but the navigation is well done. One to watch. Requires plugins.
Last Checked 22-Jun-2000

Star Wars

Everything you need to know about all the Star Wars films. See how the films were developed and find out more about the characters and the casts. All the new additions and techniques used to create the Special Editions are documented as well. The information and photos on the characters, droids and the locations is detailed and informative. Real Player needed.
Last Checked 03-Jul-2000

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth

The Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum has stepped slightly outside its remit to bring you an exhibition dedicated to the Star Wars trilogy of films. With this interactive Website you can take a guide tour around the display cabinets of costumes, drawings and models for free via your computer screen. You'll need to download a few plug-ins to get the full experience, but it's definitely worth the effort. There's commentary by the voice of Darth Vader, James Earl Jones and a fairly credible attempt to raise the films to the status of classic myth. This is not a permanent exhibit, so visit it while you can.
Last Checked 27-Jul-2000

The Dove Foundation

The foundation is an American non-profit group who set out to identify films that, in their view, qualify as wholesome family entertainment. A search engine tracks down films and videos judged suitable for every age group. There are also monthly articles, reviews and links to family sites. Log on for a feast of family films.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000

The Film 100

Alfred Hitchcock and Fritz Lang rub shoulders with shlock-meister Roger Corman and make-up king Max Factor on this intriguing list of cinema history’s 100 most influential players. A superbly designed site that deploys two browser windows, providing simultaneous access to the list and thoughtfully written profiles of those featured. Bursting with opinion and anecdote, the Film 100 is an endlessly fascinating take on film history.
Last Checked 31-Aug-2000

The Godfather Trilogy

Author Mario Puzo welcomes users to an offer Godfather fans cannot refuse. This superb site overflows with trivia, photos and clips from the classic Mafia films. Among the many highlights are sound clips of the actors' screen tests and a guide to the films' locations. Users can even see a plan of the Godfather's office and check what the weather's like in Palermo.
Last Checked 04-Sep-2000

The Sound of Music

Whisking you to Salzburg, this site is a treat for lovers of the Alpine musical. The film's history, cast profiles and the true story behind the von Trapps are supplemented by links to behind-the-scenes anecdotes and stories. There's also plenty of fun stuff including a guide to yodelling and a quirky game that tests your memory of the chirpy children's names and ages.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

The Stinkers - The Ultimate Bad Movie Awards

The place to vent your spleen about the Hollywood dross clogging up our multiplexes. Scraping the bottom of the cinematic barrel, Stinkers invites the public to vote in their annual awards. As well as Worst Film, categories include Most Unfunny Comedy and Worst Fake Accent. Users can also enter an email ballot to find the worst film of all time and least talented Baldwin brother.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000

Universal Pictures

Simple, easy-to-use navigation takes you round Universal Pictures, revealing films currently in production along with those on general release (in the States). You can go on location or do some online shopping or visit Home Video at Universal Studios where you can enter the Kid's Playroom which has a variety of activities and video clips. RealVideo/QuickTime.
Last Checked 02-Aug-2000



Warner Bros

Lots of content in this mixed bag from the monolithic Warner Bros. Take a multimedia journey through the company's history, or check out its latest releases in film, video, TV and music. If the amount of stuff here overwhelms, then there are also a few games or the chat area for light relief. Only downside is some dodgy navigation and the cheap-sounding theme music that greets you on the home page. Requires Shockwave.
Last Checked 26-Jul-2000


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