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Softail. Classic Hardtail Styling, taken places no other company would dare go.


FXST Softail Standard
FXSTB Night Train
FXSTC Softail Custom
FXSTS Springer Softail
FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic
FLSTS Heritage Springer

If you’ve ever found yourself face-to-face with a Harley-Davidson® hardtail from the '40s or '50s then you know why we built the Softail®. The classic, uncluttered American style has urged on many a romantic adventurer, and inspired motorcycle design for more than half a century. The Softail family brings it all back, in a series of modern machines that have set the standards for styling throughout the '90s. In the next pages you’ll see how authentically some of the designs of Harleys® past have been recreated. They’re sparkling proof that a true classic doesn’t age. But looks only get you so far. The old hardtail earned its name. So part of the beauty of the Softail is what you don’t see. Hidden beneath the seat are two-gas charged shocks. You don’t see a rear suspension, but you’ll feel four inches of fully-adjustable travel smoothing out those roads that may not be as refined as your Harley. Further proof that a Softail is not some dusted-off antique comes the moment you feed the gas to its Evolution® V-Twin. We’ve continually updated and refined the motorcycle (you’ll even notice a good-looking new five-bolt derby and timer cover for’99). You’re in for a ride that works as beautifully as it looks. It’s the kind of ride you’ll just want to take further. Which is why we also offer Genuine Motor Accessories™. They look right and fit tight, to take you as deep as you care to go into the land of custom.



Touring. There is no better traveling companion than a strong, reliable machine.


FLHT Electra Glide Standard
FLHTC/FLHTCI Electra Glide Classic
FLHTCUI Ultra Classic Electra Glide
FLHR Road King
FLHRCI Road King Classic

Before introducing the Twin Cam 88™ engine to the riding public we gave it 2 1/2 million miles of testing. It’s a procedure some riders would love to repeat themselves. A Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycle makes you think thoughts like that. The new engine is a big change for our tourers. As you might guess, we did more than merely bolt it into the frame. The end result is that everything about the bike feels great this year, from the new horsepower pushing you over mountains to the way the bike sweeps through turns. Of course, what was already good still is. Like the low center of gravity that gives you great freeway performance, yet maneuverability at a crowded rest stop. The engine rides in elastomer isolation mounts that eliminate vibrations. The front end features our anti-dive fork, and the whole suspension is air-adjustable. Our touring machines also include an accessories plug under the seat to simplify electrical hook-ups. Which can only turn the mind to further enhancing your ride. You can brighten it up or add more creature comforts with Genuine Motor Accessories™. And if you like wrenching, the new engine is built right for performance modifications. In other words, your dealer has exactly what you need to create your own perfect traveling companion.


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We fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling,
by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public
an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services
in selected market segments.



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Sportster. The lean, raw style that became an instant legend on the street.


XLH Sportster 883
XLH Sportster 883 Hugger
XLH Sportster 883 Custom
XLH Sportster 1200
XL 1200S Sportster 1200 Sport
XL 1200C Sportster 1200 Custom

When the Sportster® was introduced in 1957, riders didn’t just get a new motorcycle. A whole new reason to ride was born. Instead of merely covering ground, here was a machine that extracted sheer, unadulterated thrills from every inch of the way. The Sportster made a habit of smoking everything on the street. And it looked the part. The lean, street-fighting style was undeniable. It still is. More than four decades later, the Sportster has the distinction of being our longest running model. Although much has changed, the thrills come through as strong as ever. The reason is simple. No other machine does a better job of getting you right to the pure heart of the sport. Open the throttle, and the surge of low-end torque packs an instant wallop. The narrow, agile frame makes riding a joy, whether the action takes you stoplight-to-stoplight or down a twisted country lane. There are now six models to choose from, plus Genuine Motor Accessories™ just for your Sportster, so it’s easy to suit your ride to individual tastes. Just as long as your tastes include excitement.



Dyna Glide. The next generation of rubber mounted asphalt enters.


FXD Dyna Super Glide
FXDX Super Glide Sport
FXDL Dyna Low Rider
FXDS-CONV Dyna Convertible
FXDWG Wide Glide

The original Dyna Glide® made its debut in 1991, and it was immediately at home anywhere there was pavement. A rider’s motorcycle. At its heart was a two-point rubber mounting system that soaked up engine vibrations for as far and long as a rider cared to go. The going was very good. For 1999 it gets even better. The all-new Twin Cam 88™ engine now powers the Dyna Glide chassis. It’s everything that’s always been good about a Harley-Davidson® V-Twin, only more so. Eighty-eight cubic inches of go. The rest of the bike is refined as well for ’99. The engine and transmission get a more rigid interface, for example. As a result the ride feels even better, especially in curves. The ignition is a new single-fire (no wasted spark) design. As always, we finish it up with a clean belt final drive. Anyone who likes to ride hard is in for a treat. Of course, sooner or later you’ll also owe it to yourself to park and give your eyes a turn. The bikes in the Dyna Glide family drip with style. To complete the effect, we offer Genuine Motor Accessories™. And why stop at the surface? The internals of the new engine are beefed up to handle enhancements. Try some Screamin’ Eagle® performance parts. Your local dealer will set you up with everything you need.


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FXR™. For years it stood for more than a series of long, low road-going motorcycles. More like a genetic code. A ride that could take over your lifetime. So be forewarned. For a limited time, it's back. A few very lucky riders will once again feel the pull of an eighty-cubic-inch Evolution® engine in the vibration isolation-mounted FXR frame. Take a look. The unique handlebar set on curved risers. Custom Badlander® seat. Mini-rail backrest. Profile Low Suspension. Chrome bullet headlight. Just the sight is enough to spoil you for life at home. The grips, pegs, mirrors and flat lens turn signals are special. Even the finish is special. What isn't covered in brilliant chrome, is covered in Arresting Red or Stone Cold Blue. Colors created just for this motorcycle. The new FXR²™. Here today. Who knows where tomorrow.

FXR2 available in the U.S. only.



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