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The 1999 Models Preview by CarPoint

by Perry Stern
  CarPoint's annual Model Year Preview lets you find out now what automakers have in store for the new model year. Click the links on the left to look up your favorites.

Autumn is traditionally the beginning of the new model year for automakers, but that tradition is under steady fire as automakers introduce more and more new models throughout the calendar year. In fact, by the end of the summer more than 25 new 1999 models were already on sale in the U.S.



acuratlx.jpg (6351 bytes)
The Acura TL-X Concept
(click photo to enlarge)
Although the current Acura TL was just introduced in 1996, a new TL will debut in the fall as a 1999 model. The new TL has similar lines to the TL-X concept shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this year. Powered by a new 3.2-liter V6, the TL is larger than its predecessor, moving it into the midsize class. The Integra, CL, and RL all receive feature upgrades, while the SLX and NSX are unchanged for 1999.

AM General
As is common for AM General, information on next year's Hummer is scarce. More details will appear here as they are released by AM General.

Aston Martin
astonmartindb7.jpg (7191 bytes)
The Aston Martin DB7
(click photo to enlarge)
While some European automakers invite buyers to take delivery of their new car at the factory, Aston Martin has instituted a new program. Buyers can not only take delivery at the factory, but actually watch their new Astons being built. No changes in the vehicle have been deemed necessary, so the DB7, the only Aston Martin model sold in the U.S., will not change for the 1999 model year.

Audi continues its move towards an entirely new model lineup with the introduction of the A6 Avant. Replacing the current A6 Wagon, the Avant is based on the redesigned A6, which was introduced for the 1998 model year. Additionally, the A4 Avant, which was also introduced this past year, will be offered with an available 1.8-liter turbo engine.
audia6avant.jpg (6801 bytes)
The 1999 Audi A6 Avant
(click photo to enlarge)
audittcoupe.jpg (7199 bytes)
The Audi TT Coupe
(click photo to enlarge)
The only model that has remained relatively unchanged for last few years, the Cabriolet, will no longer be available in the U.S. market after the 1998 model year. Next spring, expect the arrival of the long-awaited TT Coupe, followed in the fall by the TT Roadster.

The newest offering from Bentley Motor Cars was introduced in April at the Le Mans Racing Circuit. The all-new Arnage fits perfectly into the Bentley image, featuring ultra luxury with surprisingly high levels of performance for a vehicle of such mass. Powered by a twin-turbo 4.5-liter V8 developed in conjunction with BMW, the Arnage replaces the Brooklands R and Turbo RT.
bentleyarnage.jpg (6683 bytes)
The 1999 Bentley Arnage
(click photo to enlarge)


bmw3ser.jpg (6085 bytes)
The 1999 BMW 3-Series
(click photo to enlarge)
BMW introduced the next-generation 3-Series at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year. Styling is similar to the 5-Series, and its proportions have grown slightly. The new 3-Series sedans went on sale in Europe in May, and arrived on American shores this summer. Also arriving this fall is the new M Coupe. Based on the M Roadster, the new coupe will be available in limited numbers. A new 5-Series Sport Wagon is also expected to arrive this fall.
Late in the summer of 1999, BMW will bring the new M5 sedan to America, packing more than 400 horsepower. The same V8 will likely be used in the production version of the Z07 concept, which BMW has confirmed will go into production in "the not-too-distant future." The M5's V8 is also slated to go into the BMW Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), which is expected to be in production in South Carolina by the end of 1999.
zo7concept.jpg (5032 bytes)
The Z07 concept
(click photo to enlarge)

It is expected that the Buick division of GM plans on redesigning their best-selling full-size car next year. An all-new LeSabre will make a mid-1999 model year appearance, sharing a platform with two other Buicks—Park Avenue and Riviera. The new LeSabre will be a 2000 model. The rest of the Buick lineup receives only minor enhancements for the new year.

The luxury-car division of General Motors will follow the newest trend and put the Cadillac brand name on a new luxury sport-utility vehicle. Based on the GMC Yukon Denali, the Cadillac Escalade will go on sale this fall. Meanwhile, the Catera will get a minor face-lift for the 1999 model year.
cadillacescaladesmall.jpg (6169 bytes)
The 1999 Cadillac Escalade
(click photo to enlarge)

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