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Sport Utility Vehicles

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*  The New Mini Sport Utilities

Prices starting at $13,000.
*  This Year's Midsize Sport Utes

The heart of the sport-utility market.
*  The Full-Size Sport-Ute Segment

The largest rigs available.
*  The Luxury Sport Utilities

An alternative to the luxury car?
*  The New Cross Utes

Is it a wagon, sport ute or minivan?

There are 40 major model lines of sport utilities for sale on the U.S. market this year.

The sport-utility vehicle category is one of the hottest in the industry, with sales up over 15 percent in 1998, according to research done by J.D. Power and Associates. Sales of luxury SUVs are also on the increase, making up over six percent of all sport-utility sales.
Consequently, consumers are paying top dollar for these popular new vehicles as automakers seize the opportunity, bringing to market a range of new and exciting all-purpose vehicles.
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   Dodge Durango
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