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Indian Summer
Rahul Dawra asks about educational websites related to India. Well there are so many I don't know where to start, and we certainly don't have time for them all, but I can point you in the direction of This Calcutta portal has an extensive list and the resources section alone has about 150 sites to trawl through.

Learning Curve
Rishi Arya from Vijaywada, in South India, asks about education sites specific to other countries. Well not trying to sound like a complete advertisement for the BBC, the BBC's own education sites can explain all this for you. has a topic section on how the education systems across the United Kingdom work, and the main education site has one of the most comprehensive indices of websites that are useful for learning. Even if I do say so myself!

Book Worm
Next email was from Nadir Baloch who asks, "Is there a website from which I can read books?". This is the age of the free internet! Of course there's a website. It's the online books page hosted at the University of Pennsylvania in America. These are links to books that are copyright free or out of copyright and are available in full without you having to pay anyone any money. It's not restricted to novels, but includes poetry, historical volumes and short essays. There are thousands of them. Not only that but the entire works of Shakespeare are available online as well - this time as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fountain of Knowledge
Next we have It calls itself a one stop reference desk and pulls together several dictionaries, a thesaurus, translator, map locator and currency converter. Its competitor is And the interesting thing here are their 'pick of the day' sections - today in history, etc. There are links to various encyclopaedias as well.

Something for Everyone
And another of those sites which everyone should look at, at least … well, once... is There are specialist youth and teen sections - with a definite American flavour, with no surprise, because this is another site hosted by an American university, Michigan this time. The items on this site I thought were really exciting are the newspaper and magazine sections. Look at all these countries listed, click on any one of them and it'll display the local newspapers that are online. The magazine section is equally impressive, you couldn't hope not to find something you're interested in. And if you're not looking for anything in particular, surfing is a lot more worthwhile in a library like this, rather than blundering around elsewhere in the Net.

And finally a quick look at a website in which you're sure to find something that you didn't know before - This is a collection of hundreds of articles explaining in simple language how things work. Anything from how a toaster makes bread go brown to Nuclear radiation!

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