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AFI Online Tribute to Martin Scorsese

This American Film Institute tribute looks fantastic and offers an overview of the director’s life from his New York city childhood to the making of the Dalai Lama epic Kundun. With QuickTime clips from Scorsese’s well-known works and his 1960s student films, the site is packed with fascinating paraphernalia: storyboards, news cuttings, explanations of shots and technical terms, even an early CV of Harvey Keitel. Superb.
Last Checked 04-Sep-2000

Aardman Animations

Bored surfers can cheer up their day by letting a few plasticine pals run loose across the screen. Take a virtual tour through the Bristol studios of Aardman Animations, Oscar-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. Find out about the serious business of model-making and production, check out Wallace's favourite foods on his official homepage, or just sit back and giggle at the wonderful animations.
Last Checked 23-Aug-2000

Ain't it Cool News

Once the bane of Hollywood studios, Harry Knowles is now chums with most of them. He and his cohorts revel in their geekiness as they review new and unreleased films and speculate on movies in production. Forums let users join in discussions and add to the rumour mill. Hardly cutting edge, but a good place for gossip and insider info.
Last Checked 14-Nov-2000

Alec Guinness - A Man of Many Parts

A site honouring the legendary actor. This covers Sir Alec’s entire career; commemorating his comic genius in the Ealing comedies, dramatic work with David Lean and his celebrated performance as John Le Carré's master spy George Smiley. Star Wars is covered, as well as his stage work. There are plenty of photos, quotes from Guinness and his associates and extracts from his diaries.
Last Checked 07-Aug-2000

All-Movie Guide

A huge site with over a million files on films, actors, production staff, plot lines and the like. More reference than entertainment, the site allows visitors to contribute through a voting system at the bottom of most reviews. The site doesn't guarantee complete accuracy, but welcomes any corrections by e-mail. The style reflects its purpose: clear but simple.
Last Checked 13-Nov-2000

Atom Films

AtomFilms promise to bring you the best short films from around the world. Each week they show four exclusive full-length shorts plus preview clips and information about other films. You can sign up for free weekly updates and downloads, and you can purchase compilation videos online. This is a great idea with high-quality films on show for free - just what the Web was made for.
Last Checked 06-Nov-2000

British Board of Film Classification

The very latest guidelines on film and video censorship are published in the BBFC’s official website. The site describes why the new guidelines are necessary, how public opinion has shaped their development, and which areas of censorship have been tightened or relaxed. The latest judgements are listed in the ‘Recent Decisions’ archive. Acrobat required.
Last Checked 21-Sep-2000


A site dedicated to the UK film industry, and it certainly needs all the support it can get. From Hitchcock's silent thrillers to new releases via Ealing and Cinema Verite, it's an expanding database of film facts, though the colour scheme makes it difficult to look at in parts. Read all about your favourite British movie, then debate its merits on the messageboards.
Last Checked 10-Jul-2000

Cannes International Film Festival

Join the stars on the Croisette with this sophisticated guide to everything Cannes. As well as news, reviews and competition details, old film buffs can revisit the scandals and triumphs of past years in the Archives section. If you can't make it to the festival in person, get a taste of the atmosphere via the live video coverage. This official site will thoroughly whet your cinematic appetite - it's just a shame it can't show the films as well.
Last Checked 06-Jul-2000

Charlie Chaplin UK

A wealth of information for Chaplin fanatics or those just curious about cinema’s little tramp. The thorough FAQ and brief biography provide a good introduction, while the fact-filled timeline shows Chaplin’s life year by year alongside concurrent historical and film related events. Users will also find stills and posters, sound clips, articles and features, as well as a gallery of Chaplin statues from around the world.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000


Charlie’s Angels

Combining a fun mixture of gags, girl power wisdom and an endless array of photos and video clips, the jump-suit clad crime fighters strut their stuff in fine fashion at their official website. Answering five multiple-choice questions reveals which Angel is your perfect match, and it’s worth looking in the Bosley Files to see the ladies that didn’t make the grade.
Last Checked 23-Nov-2000

Class Act

A mammoth undertaking, this ever expanding site aims to offer a comprehensive guide to Hollywood musicals. The music and composers index lets users quickly find who wrote individual songs, and which films they appear in, and a massive filmography features cross-referenced credits. Key actors, actresses and films receive in-depth coverage including profiles, photos and posters.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

Classic Films

As monochrome as the movies it pays homage to, this site is a triumph of understated style. Hundreds of images, including posters from the blockbusters of the day, audio clips, and intelligent and engaging features chart cinema's progress from Chaplin's silent classics to Brando and Bogart. There is also an excellent section devoted to black actors of the era.
Last Checked 10-Jul-2000

Classic Movie Shrine

A stylish black and white site, dedicated to classic black and white films. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre and John Huston, the Shrine focuses on key actors, actresses and directors of the 1930s and '40s. Each entry has a biography, brief facts and images, while some feature vintage posters and FAQs. Lots of cross-referenced links let you find out more about specific films and stars.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

Danamo's Marilyn Monroe Pages

Even hardcore Marilyn Monroe fans will learn something new here. Highlights are sound clips, including her famous rendition of Happy Birthday for JFK, Marilyn's beauty secrets and her Los Angeles addresses. There's also a link to her FBI file, and for the curious, her autopsy report. The films aren't forgotten amid these trivia trappings - each one is listed with a concise review.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

Dark Horizons

An unmissable site for film fans who just can't wait for the latest movie news, reviews and trailers. Dark Horizons relies on an army of contributors to email their inside information from film-making hotspots, so you probably shouldn't depend on its absolute accuracy. The site's slow-moving at times and not the prettiest you'll ever see, but it's the content that counts and no-one can fault the editor on that score.
Last Checked 13-Nov-2000

E! Online

Gagging for gossip on the glitzy and glamorous world of showbiz? Not only does this revamped site have up-to-the-minute news and reviews of the latest music, movies and TV, there's also stacks of features, celebrity Q&As, tons of Tinseltown tittle-tattle, games, quizzes and greetings cards. If it ain't here, honey, it ain't worth knowing.
Last Checked 26-Jul-2000

Empire Online

The online version of the well-known movie magazine is a real blockbuster. Alongside the kind of quality features and A-list interviews you would expect from this respected monthly, there are up-to-the-minute news reports from the world of showbiz, reviews of the latest films (and where to watch them), polls, previews, competitions and box office charts. Chat room language, however, can be colourful.
Last Checked 29-Aug-2000

Film Education

Media is now on the national curriculum and this registerd charity (which is funded by the film industry) aims to promote the use of film and cinema in schools' education. It provides resources and materials aimed at primary school level to GNVQ and A level. It's packed full of useful and interesting information about the industry including everything from how a film is classified to the deconstruction and analysis of current releases. There's a bulletin board for teachers and fun sections for kids.
Last Checked 20-Jun-2000

Film Four

Concentrating on independent film, Film Four's well designed website is more than just hype for their TV channel. There's a searchable database, with a brief synopsis of each film, and in-depth features on the film industry and players. Users can join discussions and live chats with actors and directors. Real Audio and RealPlayer required for film clips.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000


Film Unlimited

This fast, classy, extremely user friendly site shows what can be achieved with a spot of planning. A selection of search options and a myriad of links actively encourage page-hopping as well as making it a doddle to find what you're looking for among the vast range of movie news and gossip, reviews and in-depth features, some of which include video and audio clips.
Last Checked 24-Jul-2000

Film World

You won't find Bruce and Arnie here but you don't need to be a connoisseur either to enjoy this classy site. It combines in-depth articles on industry movers and shakers with the latest cinema releases, a searchable film database, as well as movie news. Check out what's on at your local cinema and then send in your own reviews to the forum. New short films by independent film makers are also on view each week (RealPlayer required).
Last Checked 29-Aug-2000

Just when you thought there couldn't be another site about the latest and greatest in the world of film, up pops another one. Reviews, video clips and lots of opportunities for you to give your 'two cents worth' make this a lively place to visit. Up and coming, already here, just gone, and gathering dust at the video store all find a place here. Very American. Requires Real Audio.
Last Checked 28-Jul-2000

Gone with the Wind

While an illustrated timeline respectfully traces the classic film's history from the page to its 1998 re-release, the site's highlight is the irreverent 'As directed by . . .' section which imagines how things would have turned out with the likes of David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino behind the camera. Other treats include virtual tours of Tara and author Margaret Mitchells' house - both require plug-ins.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

Greatest Films

This extensive and intelligent site attempts to whittle a century of celluloid down to the best 200 motion pictures of all time. Combining synopses with in-depth plot analysis, it places the films in a social and cinematic context to create a subjective history of the big screen. It also offers a listing of the most influential directors and performers.
Last Checked 27-Jul-2000

Hitchcock Online

The master of suspense declares that his mission is to scare the hell out of people. Although this site doesn't quite recreate the "film noir" mood, it certainly has plenty for the Hitchcock fan. There's a nice section that describes all his cameo roles, and plenty of video from the films and various interviews. Some more photos would be nice, but there are links to other fanzines of the director.
Last Checked 12-Jul-2000

Inspector Clouseau

This fittingly pink homage to everyone’s favourite ‘officer of the leur’ is packed with classic lines, images and video clips from Peter Sellers’ hugely successful comedies. Highlights include a section dedicated to the hilariously inept detective’s ‘cunning’ disguises, audio and stills of some of his most memorable disasters and a guide to speaking Clouseau-ese: “Special delivery, a beum, were you expecting one?”
Last Checked 08-Sep-2000

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Magazine

Documentary films from around the world are given substantial reviews in this monthly Web magazine. Most have several minutes of video footage too. Typical reviews cover everything from "Kurt & Courtney" the controversial film about the life and death of Kurt Cobain by Nick Broomfield, to "Broken Silence" by Eline Flipse, looking at five young Chinese musicians who began their training after the end of the Cultural Revolution. The archive section is worth a look too, with themed sections on science, women, biographies and popular culture. It's a shame there aren't details about when the films are showing.
Last Checked 30-Jun-2000

Internet Movie Database

If it's film facts you're after, this award-winning site is in a class of its own. An impressively powerful search engine places a veritable gold mine of news, reviews, links, biographies and truckloads of trivia a mere click away. You can even watch trailers for the latest releases, with a few classics thrown in for good measure.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000

Jackie Chan - Project J

One of the more original websites dedicated to the fearless, Hong Kong stuntmaster Jackie Chan. Features include bang up-to-date news, photos, details of the JC Stuntmen’s Club, an array of video clips and songs showcasing Chan’s little-known vocal talents. Fans will also find fascinating profiles and pictures of Jackie’s ‘supporters’ - his family, friends and co-stars. Do try this at home!
Last Checked 29-Aug-2000

James Dean

'Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today'. Dean fans will find some worthwhile material on the official site dedicated to one of Hollywood's most enduring icons. A brief autobiography, details of his film, stage and racing careers and many images from the legendary Roy Schatt and Frank Worth photo sessions are all included.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

Jet Li - The Official Website

A slick design coupled with clear, up-to-date information make a very impressive site. Jet Li, martial arts expert and Asian film superstar, has made more than 25 movies including Lethal Weapon 4. Enjoy video clips, read a fascinating personal bio, or even meditate with the Li philosophy. Shockwaves create a surprisingly calming effect on a site dedicated to a master fighter. Flash is essential.
Last Checked 23-Aug-2000

Jim’s Wizard of Oz Website

Sparkling with the magic of Oz, this site is packed with photos, trivia, WAV sound clips and song lyrics. The witches, ruby slippers and Toto receive special coverage and behind-the-scenes photos offer an insight into the film's production. There's also a fine 'Accidents and Bloopers' section and 'Wizard of Oz-lore' which puts to rest rumours of drunken Munchkin parties on the film set.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

John Wayne: An American Treasure

A personal tribute honouring screen legend John Wayne. It offers a detailed filmography, memorable lines and quotes, and even poetry praising the Duke. There are also interesting sections on the Vietnam war and extracts from America, Why I Love Her, the patriotic book Wayne wrote in the 70s, while an FAQ defends his controversial avoidance of WWII. Come on in pilgrim.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000


This much-applauded ratings system from America should prove essential viewing for any parents concerned about the content of films and videos their children may be exposed to. It doesn't judge the quality of the film, just the potentially objectionable material contained within it, and you don't need to worry about them giving away too much of the plot either. A handy parenting tool that's also simple to use.
Last Checked 03-Jul-2000

King Kong: The Eighth Wonder of the World

While this exhaustive site covers various King Kong films, from his rumble with Godzilla to the regrettable 1976 remake, it is the 1933 classic that receives most attention. A well illustrated FAQ covers the film’s history as well as relevant trivia including questions about the giant ape’s height. There are also sound clips and profiles of the film’s special effects director and sound designer.
Last Checked 15-Sep-2000

London Film Festival

Find out what's showing, who's visiting and what's happening at this year's London Film Festival. This official site, produced and hosted by The Guardian, is a shining example of a website that really works. All 150 films have their own page with full info, reviews by movie critics and by users, and links to the Internet Movie Database. Exclusive interviews, features and reports, bulletin boards and an excellent Search compliment the simple navigation and classy design. Superb.
Last Checked 14-Aug-2000


Home to the famous Leo the Lion, MGM is one of Hollywood’s oldest studios. Their website slickly presents news, interviews and behind-the-scene footage as well as trailers. For those wanting something of older vintage, an illustrated timeline traces MGM’s history from 1924, and the monthly Video Savant magazine picks over classic films. Navigating the large site is not always easy, but it’s worth persevering.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000

Motion Picture Collection, American Library of Congress

A fascinating look at the birth and growth of cinema in the US spanning over a century and covering a whole range of subjects. However, it's quite difficult to navigate and although there are quite a number of video clips they take forever to download - you would have to desperately want to see them to be willing to wait.
Last Checked 25-Jul-2000

Movie Critic

If you've lost confidence in word-of-mouth film reviews or those you read in the press, give Movie Critic a whirl. After registration, you're offered a selection of films to rate. The search engine then matches you up with other like-minded members and recommends movies they've enjoyed. The more films you rate, the more accurate their recommendations should get. It's an unsophisticated Web site, but has a real community feel as everyone's helping each other. There aren't any actual reviews on the site, but it should prove helpful next time you're in the video shop.
Last Checked 24-Aug-2000


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