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As your Captain and Certified Cruise Counselor I want to encourage you to explore my site, it's filled with all of the best that cruising has to offer, why not begin planning your next cruise vacation today!

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We’ll start with Australians Abroad, one of the more common nationalities to find outside their home country. There are lots of interesting features to read from Aussies living all over the world. In one article from Hong Kong, the writer muses on whether she is becoming more Asian than Australian. She’s learnt how to wrestle a taxi away from little old ladies, that using the term "my husband said" works to get things done and that shop assistants don't mean anything when they say "you are too fat." One of the most valuable parts of websites like these are the portions where others share how they battled through a particular problems, so you can learn from their efforts and frustration. This website deals with Dual Citizenship, banking and how do deal with homesickness.

Expat Exchange is an online community of english speaking expatriates, it’s also a bit of a business to business portal aimed at international employers, who have their staff working all over the world. Their database of contacts is worth having a flick through. They also have a volunteer network, only in about 8 countries so far, you choose the country you’re interested in and it will tell you who these people are. The network is not too widespread yet, but I’m sure they’d appreciate any additions if you’re itching to help other people overcome settling in a new land. Tell them we sent you.

This site for Indonesia has a small forum where you can ask your own questions about Indonesian life, but the main articles will probably quell some of that curiosity. Business tips feature highly, with links to the expatriate business association and other groups who can help you understand and avoid any pitfalls to making business life a success. Most interesting are the practical tips, including a whole essay about the intricacies of hailing a taxi. Some of them leak during the heavy rains and you have to make sure you’re not about to sit down in soaking seats.

Journey Woman 

Finally, an online travel resource just for women.

Mother and Daughter







More interesting is the site that has gone up in conjunction with it called which is a directory of international traveling women. has a section called World View which can tell you how Christmas is celebrated in Suriname or the Middle East and other parts of the world. It may help to know how Christmas is celebrated where you are living so you can be a gracious and knowledgeable host to local people you invite to join you and your family.

For the cooks in the family, I found two amazing sites for holiday recipes. The first gives you everything you may need for the meal (except of course for the ingredients! That was always the unique expat cooking challenge!) But check out Christmas and if you are only planning on baking, naturally click on The New York Time Web travel