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The Ancient Egypt Site [main2.gif (14793 bytes)]

The History of Ancient Egypt [history.gif (20617 bytes)] The History of Ancient Egypt [history2.gif (1829 bytes)]


Explore more than 3.000 years of Ancient Egyptian history, from its emergence out of the darkness of prehistory around 3.000 BC to the closing of  its last temple in  535/537 A.D.
A timeline helps you navigate through the different periods and dynasties and allows you to learn more about the formidable Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

Saqqara, City of the Dead [main_logo.gif (18090 bytes)]

Saqqara, City of the Dead [main2.gif (1721 bytes)]  updated.gif (168 bytes)

From Egypt's dawn to the demise of the pharaonic culture, Saqqara was the burial place par excellence for the elite living and working in Memphis, one of Egypt's capitals.
A map of the area guides you to Djosers's Step-pyramid and to other important monuments.

The Language of Ancient Egypt [language.gif (17658 bytes)]
The Language of Ancient Egypt [language2.gif (2001 bytes)]

This introduction to the language of the Ancient Egyptians gives an overview of the linguistic features of Ancient Egyptian, it explains the differences between hieroglyphic, hieratic and demotic and it provides some background to the understanding of hieroglyphs.
A special focus on the royal titulary gives the hieroglyphic names of several Pharaohs.

Ancient Egypt From A To Z [glossary.gif (18380 bytes)]
Ancient Egypt from A to Z [glossary2.gif (1625 bytes)] 

Browse through The Ancient Egypt Site using an alphabetically sorted list of keywords, that helps you find the subjects you are interested in quickly. Different spellings of the same words make your research even easier and faster.
This list of keywords is updated as new items are added to this site.

The Ancient Egypt Bibliography [bib.gif (16089 bytes)]
The Ancient Egypt Bibliography [bib2.gif (2083 bytes)]  updated.gif (168 bytes)

From layman to professional, from kid to adult, this list of books features something for everyone. The books are sorted by topic and then alphabetically, on the author's name.
Several of the listed books are linked to, Earth's biggest bookstore, allowing you to purchase the books you need.

World Wide Ancient Egypt [wwae.gif (17997 bytes)]
World Wide Ancient Egypt [wwae2.gif (1745 bytes)]  updated.gif (168 bytes)

This "Hitchhikers guide to Ancient Egypt" explores the modern-day interest with this fascinating culture.
It features a list of links to other web-sites about Ancient Egypt, a list of movies on Ancient Egypt and three chapters that list museums, societies and universities.

Please note that this site is being updated on a regular basis and that some of the information presented here is as yet incomplete. To find out more about what changed with the most recent upload, you can go to "Ancient Egypt from A to Z" and choose to see new and updated keywords, or you can click on "Recent updates" in the side-bar.
To find out more about the background of this site (most recent updates, technical information, the author), you can use the links listed in the left side-bar below the words "About this site" (if there is no such side-bar, click here).
A search box at the bottom of this page, will allow you to search this site (or the entire web) by keyword. 

A special word of thanks should go to:

  • my dear wife (honey) for the many pictures she has taken in Egypt,
  • my father (dad) for allowing me to (ab)use his Polaraid scanner,
  • Hans, for being so kind as to let me use his flatbed scanner when I didn't have one,
  • Miss Caroline Rocheleau and Mr. Leonard Boudville for their ideas and suggestions,
  • the many members and the monitors of the EEF mailing list, for all those great, inspiring and informative discussions,
  • and of course, all of you... 

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