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Product Range
DAF 45 and DAF 55

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Comprehensive product range
offering dedicated transport solutions

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DAF Trucks offers a complete range of commercial vehicles from 6 tonnes GVW to train weights of 50 tonnes and more. All of them are modern trucks, developed totally to meet customers' wishes and the demands imposed by the various transport segments. Continuously listening to market demand has resulted in a balanced product range, based on a three-cab strategy.

The light distribution sector is served by the DAF 45 and DAF 55 series, developed especially for urban and regional transport in the 6 to 15 tonnes GVW segment. This light weight distribution range is equipped with a compact 2.06-metre wide cab with a low floor for easy entrance and exit.

DAF The mid-series, introduced in 1992 and consisting of the DAF 65, 75 and 85 series has a modern design wedge-shaped cab, which at the front is only 2.30 metres wide, broadening to 2.50 metres at the homepage.

or the top segment, long-distance transport, the DAF range offers the new 95 XF-series with its three cab variants, the normal sleeper cab, the Space Cab and the Super Space Cab with its extra high cab for optimum living space.

Leyland Trucks


Foden Trucks


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Scania’s mission is to supply its customers with vehicles and services related to the transport of goods and passengers by road. By focusing on customer needs, Scania shall grow with sustained profitability, thereby generating shareholder value.

Scania’s industrial operations specialise in developing and manufacturing vehicles, which shall lead the market in terms of performance, life-cycle cost, quality and environmental characteristics.

Scania’s commercial operations, which include importers, dealers and service points, shall supply customers with optimal equipment and aftersales support, thereby providing maximum operating time at minimum cost over the service life of their vehicles.

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Mercedes Benz Trucks   

Mercedes Benz Global



Mercedes-Benz - the brand

At DaimlerChrysler the name "Mercedes-Benz" is considered a synonym for the production of high-quality and innovative vehicles.

    More than 199,000 people are currently employed in the company's vehicle section throughout the world. A real global player, DaimlerChrysler has more than 50 production and assembly plants as well as 6,300 service and sales support outlets for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Learn something about the structure of the vehicle section in this chapter and also where we are located around the globe as well as the many career opportunities on offer at DaimlerChrysler.

Commercial Vehicles



Commercial Vehicles By Mercedes-Benz

When it comes to your fleet, you should accept no compromises. Economy, functionality, driving comfort, safety and engineering are the order of the day.

    Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles fit the bill. Moreover, design, environmental compatibility and service speak for themselves. A wide range of offerings will meet all your expectations from a standard van to a luxury bus. All information applies to Germany. Offers specific to other countries can be found in the "National" section.

Utility Vehicles  



Utility vehicles Made to Order -
Your Wish Is Our Command

These utility vehicles put you a step ahead of the competition whether you're in the delivery business, service industry, wholesale or retail, the food business, construction, trades or industry.

    Economy functionalism, comfort, safety, engineering, design, environmental compatibility and service are some of the many criteria a modern utility vehicle has to meet. We'd like to introduce our Vito, Sprinter and Vario on the following pages - vehicles that meet these criteria convincingly. Their singular adaptability is your guarantee that your money was well spent on the van with the star. You'll get just the truck you need. As we said: "Utility vehicles made to order", whether it's a station wagon/passenger van, truck, pickup, dumper or a special-purpose chassis.




Welcome Aboard

Grab a seat for a fact-focused tour through our truck website. Climb on board the new Actros and experience the benefits of a great product: maximum economy plus full performance. Or hop on the Atego – the new light class from Daimler-Benz that sets new standards in groupage and distribution transport. And if you´re looking for more information about our extensive used vehicle offers or on the new Econic, you´ve come to the right place. Time to hit the road. Let´s move.




Innovation, State-of-the-art Engineering and Unsurpassed Quality ...

Buses from Mercedes-Benz are an effective calling card in any bus company: They feature state-of-the-art technology, passenger comfort and overall economy that satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

    The ongoing development of our bus and coach technology has always been one of our most important priorities. But our primary interest is in people, and when it comes to comfort, safety and economy, we do everything we can to make our technology better, safer and more people-oriented than ever.

The results of our research efforts are vehicles of unsurpassed quality. Whether for the public-transportation sector, for use on rural routes or on long journeys: Mercedes-Benz looks back on more than 100 years of experience building buses and motor coaches. Take advantage of our know how. Take a look at our range of comfortable and innovative buses.



The Unimog System-
Consistent in performance and economy

The Unimog has been working world-wide for over 50 years. In
haulage, transport, agriculture, and in such sectors such as
local authorities, fire fighting, forest and land management, the
construction industry - even helping at the scenes of natural
disasters - the Unimog has proved its value.

Today, Unimog vehicles are used in 150 countries: they have
proven themselves at heights of 5,000 metres and at depths of
1,200 metres; in antarctic cold, as well as in the extreme heat
and humidity of equatorial countries.

In Europe, the Unimog is no less important and effective. Not
only is the powerful performance clearly recognised, but also
its economy. The Unimog has evolved into the Unimog
System (vehicle + implements + service), based on the wide
range of vehicles and an almost unlimited number of
implement attachment options, and services such as fleet
management, needs analysis and all-around service,
In cooperation with our System partners, we can offer every
customer an individual, economic, system solution; one that
meets the customer`s needs and is within budget - from
purchase through its whole life running costs.

But to begin with, we want you to have fun on your visit to the
virtual Unimog world. Here you will find all the data you need
about the various models, used-vehicle offers, application
options, and everything surrounding the Unimog


A World Leader In Diesel And Natural Gas Engines

Its History...

Over the last six decades the world has witnessed the steady growth of one of the most successful diesel engine manufacturers - Perkins Engines.

In 1932, the company 'F. Perkins Limited' was founded by an engineer called Frank Perkins. It operated from a tiny workshop in Peterborough, UK and employed just seven people (including Frank). After only a few months, the first ever Perkins engine was born - The 4 cylinder 'Vixen' - the world's first truly high-speed diesel engine. This later evolved to become the 'Fox', powering amongst other things Commer trucks. By 1933 output was 35 engines!

Over the years many more engines were developed and production grew such that 1962 saw the one millionth engine going for export. By 1981 five million engines had been built at Peterborough. By 1996, with 3 manufacturing sites in the UK and licensees around the world, 14 million engines had been made. Frank Perkins died in 1967, but his vision lives on through the employees who have made the company the success it is today.

Today... Perkins Engines is a world leader in diesel and natural gas engines. The company was established in Peterborough, UK in 1932. More than 14 million engines have been built and 5 million are estimated to still be in service.

Ranging from 5 to over 2,600 bhp, the engines power more than 5,000 different applications from over 1,000 major equipment manufacturers in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural, defence, marine, rail and industrial markets.



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